Terms of Service

Terms of Service

  • Podcast Producers must agree to the terms of service to receive donation proceeds. Additional ViciNFT Terms & Conditions link here.
  • ViciNFT will mint all NFTs used in the campaign and distribute all funds in the Podcast Spotlight Fund (PSF).
    • ViciNFT will screen all qualifying nominated podcasts for accuracy before distributing donation proceeds.
    • ViciNFT holds the right to disqualify any nominated podcasts if it does not meet requirements in the terms of service.
  • General Liability / Indemnification – ViciNFT & the Podcast Spotlight Fund are not responsible for any liabilities that result from a contractor’s acts in the course of the agreement.
    • The top 10 qualified nominated and winning podcasts may be listed on podcastdao.io and may be promoted on ViciNFT social media and related accounts.
    • Podcasts may voluntarily opt out by contacting support@vicinft.com to opt-out of the campaign.
    • If a podcast opts out, donation proceeds for those NFTs will remain in the Podcast Spotlight Fund until the next DAO vote. 
  • Nominations or votes containing language deemed to harass, abuse or harm another party will be automatically disqualified, and NFT donation proceeds will go into the Podcast Spotlight Fund.


  • Each Podcast Spotlight NFT purchased enables a DAO vote.
  • Podcast Spotlight DAO voting dates are determined when net donation proceeds reach $10,000. The DAO will then have seven days to submit a vote on which qualified nominated Podcast they think most deserves assistance.
  • When the PSF reaches $10,000, the DAO will vote on which Podcast will receive $10,000.
  • Upcoming DAO voting date windows will be viewable on DAO members dynamic NFT’s.
  • Podcast Spotlight campaign end date is Dec 31, 2024 at which time the DAO will vote on a final winning podcast(s) with the remaining donation proceeds.

Podcast Eligibility

  • Podcasts must state what they will use winning donation proceeds for, i.e., operating costs, payroll, new equipment, etc., before accepting donation proceeds.
  • Campaign limited to US produced Podcasts.
  • For every 100 nominations and NFTs sold, a Podcast will receive $1,000 in donation proceeds from the Podcast Spotlight Fund (PSF). 
  • Podcasts must receive at least 100 nominations to be eligible to receive donation proceeds.
    • If a Podcast does not receive at least 100 nominations by the end of the campaign, donations proceeds from those NFTs will remain in the Podcast Spotlight Fund (PSF) for DAO distribution vote.

Podcast Spotlight Fund

    • For every 100 nominations & NFT’s sold, eligible Podcasts will receive $1,000 from the Podcast Spotlight Fund.
    • 80% of net proceeds go into a Podcast Spotlight Fund controlled by the DAO. When the PSF reaches $10,000, the DAO will vote on which podcast will receive $10,000.
    • Distribution phase – eligible podcasts will get paid directly via wire, check, or bank transfer within seven business days of the DAO vote. 
    • Distribution terms – 40% of net donation proceeds will go directly to every eligible nominated podcast, 40% will distribute to the winners, and 20% to ViciNFT for facilitation.
    • Net proceeds are defined as gross proceeds minus credit card transaction fees and taxes where applicable.
      • A Podcast can only win once. 
      • Any donation proceeds not collected by a winning podcast will stay in the Podcast Spotlight Fund to provide financial support to those determined by the DAO.