1.  Why was Podcastdao.io created?

Podcasts are an emerging force in inspiring and fighting for the common good. We would like community members to spotlight the podcasts that are impactful to them and strive to make a difference.

2. What podcasts qualify?

Any independent podcast based in the United States.

3. Who decides which podcasts are awarded the donation?

Podcasts with at least 100 nominations will receive donations. 50% of the charitable donation from each NFT purchase goes to the nominated podcasts. The other 50% will be placed in the Podcast Spotlight Fund, and DAO members will vote to determine where these funds will go.

4. What is a DAO?

A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a community-led entity with no central authority. It is fully autonomous and transparent: smart contracts lay the foundational rules, execute the agreed-upon decisions, and at any point, proposals, voting, and even the code itself can be publicly audited.

5. How does DAO voting work?

Once voting begins, community members will have 7 calendar days to place their vote.

6. How do podcasts get paid?

After the voting has ended, ViciN​​FT will award the winning podcast productions the funds based on the podcast agreement.

7. Can a podcast win more than once?

No. We want to ensure that each podcast has a fair shot at support. However, a podcast can continue to receive nominations, entitling them to 50% of the charitable proceeds from the nomination/NFT purchase.

8. Where can I buy?

OpenSea and https://podcastdao.io/

9. What wallets are supported?

MetaMask and Magic wallets are supported. If you don’t have a digital wallet, follow simple instructions on setting up a Magic Wallet after your purchase.

10. Can it be traded/gifted?

Yes, you can gift upon checkout when entering the wallet information. 

11. Is there a purchasing cap?

We limit each order to 100 NFTs, but you can place as many orders as you want.

12. What do you get with your purchase?

Along with supporting your favorite podcast, you will receive your Podcast Spotlight NFT and voting rights within the DAO. 

For each Podcast Spotlight NFT you purchase, you can nominate an independent podcast production (US-based only) and place a vote in the DAO. Your NFT is dynamic and will display the name of the podcast you nominated and the total amount in the Podcast Spotlight Fund. 80% of net proceeds go into a Podcast Spotlight Fund controlled by the DAO.

  1. Join the DAO
    Each NFT you own earns you a DAO vote, and the Podcast Spotlight Community will decide which podcast will receive assistance. Visit the Community page to learn more.
  2. Spotlight a Podcast
    Purchase an NFT and nominate a podcast you’re passionate about and would like to support.
  3. DAO Fund Recipient
    The podcasts that were chosen by DAO voters receive exclusive NFT with special community privileges.
  4. Dynamic NFT
    The NFT image will update to show Podcast Spotlight Fund progress, such as total funds raised, how the podcast you nominated is progressing and when DAO voting will occur. 

13. Can I change my podcast choice after purchasing?

Once you have submitted your podcast nomination, we are unable to change the nomination.

14. Can I nominate more than one podcast?

You can nominate one podcast with each order.  To nominate a different podcast, you can place a separate order.

15. Will we know, what podcast does with the money?

Yes, we ask that podcast post what they do with the funds on Social media.

16. When/How are winners announced?

Winners will be announced on the webpage and published on the blockchain. When the PSF reaches $10,000, the community (NFT owners) will vote on which podcast will receive the funds. Podcasts will also receive $1,000 out of the fund for every 100 nominations. Once voting begins, community members will have 7 calendar days to place their vote.

17. Where can I see a list of the nominated podcasts?

View nominated podcasts at https://podcastdao.io/community/.

18. Do I have to vote for the podcast I nominated?

No. Once voting is open, you can vote for any nominated podcast.

Need assistance? Email us at support@vicinft.com, and we will get back within 24 business hours.